MoRece brings over fifteen years experience as a musician, producer, sound engineer, songwriter and business owner to his role as President and Chief Visionary Officer of Stinkiface Music, LLC., headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The name “stinkiface” describes “that face that people make when they hear a song that they love on the radio or in the club, maybe even something they haven’t heard in a long time. It also describes the face that musicians give other musicians when they’re making good music,” he explains. Stinkiface Music does not specialize in any particular genre of music; there are absolutely no boundaries or limits on expression in that regard. The company’s focus is to help artists achieve creative freedom and artistic control in their music while making sound business decisions.

MoRece’s strongest asset in his production work is his instinctive ability to translate the emotion the artist wants to convey into their recordings. Because of his technical prowess and his ability to speak the language of music fluently, he is extremely skilled at creating sounds that touch the listener. “I try to listen and feel what the artist wants the public to feel and hear from their recordings,” he explains. “So instead of thinking engineer or musician, I think artistry first. I try to translate what they’re trying to get out artistically into the musician’s world and the engineer’s world. Then I do a scratch idea to see if I’m in the ballpark. If I am, I proceed. If I don’t, I go back to the drawing board. I’m usually in the ballpark 95% of the time.” The diversity in MoRece’s musical experience is something he values because it “widens my understanding about how to produce, and it helps me highlight a project’s artistry….I understand how different styles are mixed, recorded and mastered.” In addition to working with artists signed to the label, MoRece also helps talented but less experienced artists make the transition to seasoned and knowledgeable professionals.

MoRece’s work as a musician, producer and sound engineer has allowed him to honestly earn the title of “internationally known and locally respected”. He and his artists are successful, popular, active participants in the arts and entertainment scene in the D.C./Maryland/Virginia region (“DMV”) where Stinkiface Music is physically based, and MoRece also works with high profile artists like Grammy-nominated Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart (formerly of the neo-soul duo Floetry) and Stellar award winning gospel artist Johnathan Nelson. Additionally, partnerships with creative forces overseas like Retox Recordings, a U.K. based music label help Stinkiface Music grow its audience worldwide.

MoRece is also a member of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (producers of The Grammys).