Keith “Tzeech” Thornton

Without a doubt Baltimore’s Own Techno legend, Tzeech has played all over the United States, at some of the country’s hottest clubs and along side some of the biggest techno kings of all time, playing all forms of techno in front of crowds of thousands and at infamous parties such as Rise, Fever, Buzz, and Ultraworld’s StarScape.

In 1995 he met Randy Christie, founder & head of Sentient Lighting and they formed “Sentient Productions” knowing from that moment on that they were destined to throw raves when “Raves” were still illegal. In 1998, he then helped form the east coast’s well known production team “Family Productions”.

With his love for music & the rave scene, Tzeech is still raging strong today. Steadily djing, and a genius at producing music, he currently has 4 major releases… 2 vinyls released by The Autonomist record label and 2 digital releases by Woody McBride’s label Communique’.

Currently Tzeech has 3 residencies in Baltimore & D.C., assists several local promotion companies and is the production manager and a resident DJ for Symbiotic.