Cosmos Crew

Cosmos Crew Entertainment (CCE) is a gathering of local talented performers & artists from all walks of life, working together to create a grand production that will really set the theme and vibe for any event. Our main service “Cosmos Dolls” is our All female GoGo dance squad. Taking pride in our dedication of upbeat, energetic, long dance set times & “out of the box” detailed costumes & uniforms, Its a guarantee each booking is a unique, one of a kind, never done before experience, catered to your requests! CCE is our expansion of Cosmos Dolls, reaching out beyond GoGo, Male & Female. Cosmos crew will recognize individual people, groups, teams, vendors etc; as their own independent, but together in our travels we all become a mass, striving for the same result, THE COSMOS CREW.
We primarily showcase within the DMV area, from Dance Parties, Night Clubs, Music Videos, HipHop Events, Concerts, All ages Community Events, Fetivals, Birthday parties, and more! Cosmos Crew is a very versatile group, bending and meeting the needs of any upcoming event.
From GoGo Dancers, LED Hula Hoopers, Belly dancers, Ribbon Dancing, Fire Spinners, Glow Shows, Poi/Gloving, Burlesque, Jam Skaters, Staffing, Pole Dance Acrobatics, including photography, Masters, Jam Skaters, Rope Work, Artists, Vending, Modeling and promoting, CCE can do it all!

Cosmos Dolls taking a new spin on performance art, Dance hard, Work even Harder.
Define, sexy, fierce, professional, glamourous, goddesses of dance.

Cosmos Crew, taking a step above and beyond to make an event out of this world and memorable.