Dark Matter Squad

Collective group of dancers and artists who practice, develop and teach Liquid, Digitz and other urban dance styles, as well as lending support and knowledge to everything in the EDM Scene.

It is our hope that awareness can be achieved through event production, workshops, specialty projects and other means of modern day artistic expression that give homage to the electronic music dance scene and the people who have helped create, develop and continue to evolve them.

Company Overview
Dark Matter is a collective group of artists whose dedication is focused towards the advancement and awareness of dances found, derived from and/or connected to the electronic music dance scene, specifically Liquid and Digitz.

Dark Matter, a dance crew idea originally conceived by Baltimore area Liquid and Digit practitioners, is now flourishing into a hub and knowledge epicenter for preserving, documenting and still advancing the dance styles known as Liquid & Digitz for anyone who is interested. Our members, both young and old (with former members of the Liquid Pop Collective), strive to teach, educate, motivate and assist persons who would like to learn more about Liquid and Digitz thru events and other modern day media outlets.