Terry Blaze the Stage Wedington

Dancing for 6 years, Terry started to Club Dance then expanded his style by adding a lot of footwork and many more styles.

His dance Group TSU (Team Squad Up) has big dreams of making a name for themselves!

The group has been named “Best Group” In Baltimore 2 times in a row and also once as Homisquad, when joining forces with Homicide (Ms Tonya-Skinny Gurl and the TSU group manager Ms Jones).

TSU are dancers for the talented in house Baltimore DJ, 92q’s own DJ Angel Baby, who is a big part of what they are doing now including TSU in her Block Parties/tours and her “Get Pumped Movement” (Baltimore) Back to School Tour coming soon so be on The lookout For that!

Baltimore’s resident Baltimore Club DJ, Murder Mark also supports TSU by having the group accompany him on out of state gigs to show people outside of Baltimore just what Bmore Club dancing is!