Murder Mark

Bmoreclubclubhardcoregrittydance130bpmcherryhillgrimeybass + snaresclaps808ssynthsBaltimorerockoffshakeoffhype = Organized Chaos = Murder Mark

Marquis “Murder Mark” Gasque is a Baltimore based producer, artist, and DJ who has been dominating the Baltimore Club Music scene since 2009. His productions continue to push the boundaries of the club music genre, his “Bmore Remixes” have been featured in regular rotation on his hometown Radio One FM station 92q , and his Ayo mixtapes are a hot commodity on the Internet.

Mark was always involved in music in some way, shape, or form. He started as an “emcee” “freestyle battling” during lunch and running the Rap Club after school program during his high school years. During his senior year he started producing when a classmate gave him a copy of the highly popular productions software FL Studio but at this time he was making traditional Hip-Hop music and hated all kinds of dance music. During his years volunteering at his neighborhood recreation center he was exposed to the Baltimore Club Music and the effects that the music had on the kids and this is when he started to experiment with the genre. When a few of Murder Mark’s tracks reached radio Dj’s K-Swift and K.W. Griff a star was born. Mark’s first tracks to reach local radio were “Pump This Party” and “Bmore Live” and since then his tracks have been become synonymous with 92q’s Friday Night Bmore Club Set.

In 2010 Murder Mark was crowned Best Baltimore Club Music Producer by Baltimore City Paper and hasn’t slowed down since. In 2012 he plans to put the focus on his label Zoo On Mars Entertainment and producing for other artists as well. Club music has grown tremendously in the years and has taken over the Billboard charts and when asked what kind of club music does he makes he simply answers “I make music you can shake too..I create organized chaos I make Bmore but define Bmore?”

“Murder Mark stays in the studio,attempting to start to set a standard as a producer that will ultimately make him far more valuable to club music than ever having to DJ a live set in his life..”

“Murder Mark is making banginnnn records these days! One of the most talented people from Baltimore! He runs this bitch!”

“Murder Mark knows what old school Baltimore Club Music should sound like, but this is 2011 and he knows the movement needs to keep with the times”

Official Releases
Fukizuyo(Da Yo Boyz) -Milkcrate Records
The Party Starter(Murder Mark and Mike-Mike)- Z.O.M.E.
She Rockin(TT The Artist)-Z.O.M.E.
New New(TT The Artist)-Z.O.M.E.