Lonnie Fisher

A man who needs little or no introduction to the dance music community in Baltimore and far beyond!

One of the founders of Ultraworld Productions and Starscape, the east coast’s largest overnight dance music event and a founding partner of Sonar, which until his sale of it, was the area’s premier nightclub for dance music.

Ultraworld Productions began its long history in the fall of 1992, when Lonnie Fisher teamed up with a local dj named DJ Sun and began throwing warehouse parties in the Baltimore area. The first event opened with a bang and Ultraworld quickly became known as the premier production company in the DC/Baltimore area. As the Ultraworld name grew, so too did the production quality of the events. Ultraworld became known for intense creations in lighting and set design which were to define the distinctive Ultraworld look, and the early Ultraworld years helped establish Baltimore as an East Coast dance music mecca. Those early years were dominated by underground warehouse events and outlaw parties; but even at that stage Ultraworld was making the first stabs at throwing events in legal venues. By 1994, Ultraworld was starting to use fairgrounds venues, and took its first crack at using state and city parks with events like EMERALD FOREST and the annual SUNRISE FESTIVAL. In 1996, Ultraworld began using the massive DC Armory for what has become a legendary series of dance music events (ECLIPSE, PHOENIX, RITUAL, THINK, ENERGIZE, ENGAGE, REVOLUTION).

Around this time however, the media focus on ‘raves’ coupled with a few over zealous public officials threatened to stamp out the blossoming music scene. Not one to be intimidated, Fisher fought back in the press, the courts, and even met with then Baltimore Mayor Schmoke to lobby for a place in Baltimore’s entertainment landscape.

This resulted in a resounding comeback for Ultraworld, now with complete cooperation from all branches of government; a mandate which came down from the Mayor himself. After a one year respite, the SUNRISE FESTIVAL ’98 marked the beginning of a new era for Baltimore’s scene. This continued in ’99 with the beginning of the annual STARSCAPE event, which brought 4000 people to dance all night under the stars in a Baltimore City park that had previously been unused.

In 2000, Ultraworld received numerous awards for excellence. In the URB Magazine Reader’s Poll, Ultraworld was voted 2nd best one-off promoter in the U.S. (#1 outside of LA) and Starscape was voted 2nd Best Party in the US (again, #1 outside of L.A.). Ultraworld has received accolades in Mixer, Spin, Rolling Stone, and scores of articles in the Baltimore and DC press.

In 2001, Fisher opened the club Sonar in Baltimore, and Ultraworld began to focus solely on the annual Starscape event. After seven years, Fisher left Sonar to re-concentrate his efforts on Starscape, become project manager for a real estate development company and then the corporate outreach person for the first Baltimore Grand Prix.

Today Fisher still has his hands in many projects while also being involved in the production of many events!