DJ Tempest

DJ Tempest is known as the “X-Treme Turntablist” because he uses his imagination to manipulate sounds by using the turntables as a music instrument to recreate new rhythms and desired sounds from the playing records. He is highly skilled at turntable techniques such as beat mixing/matching; scratching, beat juggling, body tricks all while still rocking the party.

Born and raised in Baltimore Maryland , he started djing Hip Hop and Baltimore Club in the 90’s at local house parties and clubs. From there he went own to teach himself how to spin other genres of music such as D.C. Go Go, Dub, House, and Reggae.

DJ Tempest became a local fixture when he started djing on 88.9’s Strictly Hip Hop and the Audio Fusion. Then he moved to West VA. where he was offered a job at 1490 WCZR. A year later he had the number one mix-show.

His love for djing grew which lead him to the battle scene. There he was able to sharpen his turntablism skills to reach newer and more innovative heights to show the mastery of his craft.

He recently launched Music Entertainment Ran by DJ’s, (pronounce merge) a website geared towards exposing new artist, music trends and linking young adults to socially conscience issues by using the arts. For more information email him at