“The Sessions”

Are you serious about your music? Are you looking to make this your livelihood? Or are you just wondering how this whole crazy business works?
No matter where you are in your career, where you want to take it or even are just curious, “The Sessions” are something you should attend!

Our panels and workshops are designed to educate both the seasoned and those just starting out. We welcome young & old(er), new & experienced, serious & “just curious”!

Informative and educational, we offer a relaxed atmosphere with open forums and interactive workshops so you can be upfront and personal with some of the hottest taste makers in the biz as we present new ideas, discuss industry issues, build new inroads for business development, connect people and have fun doing it!

We don’t really get into that whole “school room” setting either so it’s more like hanging in your living room at home and the person sitting next to you just happens to be someone pretty well known and connected.

And although MIXOLOGY is centered around dance music, “The Sessions” are all inclusive to all music and all aspects of the industry!

Speakers and panelists include artists, producers, managers, record label executives, entertainment attorneys, media and PR moguls such as some of these past speakers – Sunshine Jones – Treehouse Muzique, Zoltar – Planet Zoltar, Lonnie Fisher – Ultraworld, Fiona Bloom – The Bloom Effect, Martin Atkins – Invisible Records, TC Izlam – Zulu Nation, Junior Goris – Team Pitbull and Ultra Nate’ – Deep Sugar Music.

Anyone in, or interested in being in, the music business or just curious as to how it all works should attend as “The Sessions” are open to the public, all ages are welcome & it’s free!

“The Sessions”
Saturday October 25th
2pm – 8pm
1310 Russell Street
Open to the General Public – All Ages – Free
Presented by the Baltimore Music Collective in collaboration with The Recording Academy – Washington DC Chapter, Women In Music and the Mid Atlantic Electronic Music & Arts Alliance

The following segments courtesy of Eugene Balbierz

Rane / Serato DJ Workshop
DJ Shortee

Recognized as one of most diverse and technically skilled female DJs worldwide and described as the “World’s Premier Female DJ” by the Grammy Foundation, there are few DJs that are truly respected globally in such a wide variety of genres like Shortee. Her fast paced mixing style, expert scratching skills and energetic stage presence has made her one of the most in demand DJs touring worldwide. Shortee’s pioneering spirit, inspiring talent and long resume of accomplishments are enough to spark awed envy in any DJ, gender aside. Named “Queen of the Scratch World” by DJ Times, Shortee is a multi-genre DJ, turntablist, music producer, record label owner, DJ instructor and published author.

In this MIXOLOGY workshop, Shortee will be showcasing and teaching the key features of the Serato DJ Software and the Rane Sixty Two DJ Mixer. Exclusive to MIXOLOGY, she will also be sharing some of some of her secret tips & tricks on how she prepares and performs her intricate live DJ sets!

You don’t wanna miss this one!!

The Recording Academy… What Joining Can Do For You

Kayenecha Daugherty (Moderator)
Teddy Douglas
Kurosh Nasseri
Michelle Shellers

Everyone knows The Grammy’s but do you know the organization that makes them all possible?
Meet the GRAMMYs is a great introduction for artists of all levels to The Recording Academy. This presentation and panel will cover several topics including:
· Levels of membership and the qualifications for joining The Recording Academy
· Benefits of membership
· Membership experience from the panelists including why they joined, the benefits they received and why they think that you as a growing artist would benefit
· Ideas on how we can better serve your music community
The presentation and panel will also include a Q&A to provide more personal insight into the Academy.
In order to serve you best, please RSVP here

Baltimore – Dance Music – A History Lesson
Scottie B – Unruly
LG Concannon – Atomic Vibe/Sonic Soul/Cloudwatch
Wayne Davis – Odell’s/Fantasy/Paradox
Teddy Douglas – Basement Boys
Charles Feelgood- Orbit/Fever
Keith “Tzeech” Thornton – Sentient Productions/Family Productions

It was new, it was exciting, it was underground and it was our “family” secret.
With dance music having now gone mainstream, we thought a little history lesson was in order so we’ve invited the pioneers, the people that were here from the beginning & those that paved the way, to tell you how it all started here in Charm City!
Although a history lesson, expect some crazy experiences and stories!
And just to get you started on this walk down memory lane…
Rave Fliers
Ultraworld Fliers
From the archived gallery and with much thanks to Michael Francois

Beats & Business… The Business of “The Biz”
Rachel Hopkins (Moderator)
Mary Canter
Kimberly Britner
Juan Harris
Ko “Big Syze” Kposowa
Nika Watkins

So you’ve played a few parties, produced some of your own tracks and gotten 1000’s of likes on Facebook… so where’s the big bucks & how do I get them??
Should you have a manager and/or booking agent? If so, how do you build your team? How do you protect yourself and your music and understand the legalese of it all?
If you’re serious about music as a career, this is a “not to miss” discussion between those accomplished in their chosen fields and those who have helped them get there.

Marketing Your Way to Fame
Nika Watkins (Moderator)
Marcus Dowling
Heidi Klotzman
Gina Sutton

How do you get people to buy your music or come see you play when everyone’s a DJ or producer these days? How do you get people to attend your party and build your brand when there are 20 other crews in town trying to do the same thing?
Learn the most effective means of marketing and selling your music, your event and/or yourself – from Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Blogs). to print advertising to PR methods to promotional comps… this panel will discuss these and more to explore and discover which methods will work best for you and your business.

Building the DJ Set – Tips & Techniques
Q-Bik (Moderator)
Charles Feelgood
Gina Sutton
Scottie B
Harvey Dent

The basics of DJing is one thing, but do you know how to work a room?
Opening or closing, the build, the drop, subtle changes in programming, identifying your audience, proper use of EQ… techniques, tricks-of-the-trade and more tips from those with years in the ‘biz as they share their knowledge and experience to help improve your performance and place you ahead of the rest.
DJs at any level welcome… you can always learn something new!

Production – How Do You…?
Ric Peters (Moderator)
Kariz Marcel
Teddy Douglas

Q&A Session with producers & sound engineers

Girlz Rule!
Mary Canter ESQ – Copilevitz & Canter, LLC / Women In Music (Moderator)
Shannon Shortee Bruno – DJ / Producer / Heavy Artillery Recordings
Kimberly Britner – Booking Agent / Heavy Artillery Recordings
Rachel Hopkins – Industry Manager
Michelle Shellers – Vocalist / Songwriter
Gina Sutton – DJ / Promoter / Business Owner / Writer
Miss DJ Gemz – DJ – Blender Radio

Let’s hear it for & from the ladies behind the decks, scene and boards.
Traditionally a male dominated field but the role of women in music is evolving!
What are the challenges & how do women tackle them? Who are their mentors & what have they learned from them? How do they turn obstacles into stepping stones?
Find out in this candid discussion between females from all aspects of the industry hosted by Women In Music.

Our Cultural Responsibility
John G Vibes (Moderator)
Marcus Dowling
Alys Matthews
Kevin O’Neill
Gina Sutton

Dance music and it’s culture thrived for years on an underground existence but that is changing as it becomes more mainstream which also means more open to criticism from the media and society in general. With the large amount of people joining our scene there is also a devastating amount of ways our culture is being depicted as the experience of our music has become synonymous with negative actions. A change is in order as we have to consider how the inherent social consequences of today’s actions will translate into tomorrow’s existence.

Frequencies – Exposure over the Airwaves
MoRece (Moderator)
Patrick O’Neil
DJ Tony Drake
Miss DJ Gemz

It’s not just AM or FM anymore!
Learn how to maximize your radio exposure – from internet to satellite to digital, podcasts & broadcasts, live & recorded… this panel covers all the bases on getting heard over the airwaves.
Dance, Hoop & Poi Workshops

Cosmos Entertainment
Workshop & Auditions
In our time frame together we will go over an Introduction of Cosmos Crew, About us, What we do, and what we strive to do. Protocol, the basics of Etiquette, The life of a gogo, Packing, Preparations, Posture, Stage Presence, Flow. And also go over How to stand out and succeed, Self Training & Group Coaching.

Vibrations of Dance
Vibrations of Dance are a group of dancers who have been dancing hard for 4+ years together in some of the more unexplored dances of the electronic community. We will be teaching you the basics and tricks for shuffling & DnB Step along with a little background knowledge, and stretches that will help you with your daily practice

Dark Matter Squad
DarkMatter members will be on hand at Mixology to teach and explain the history and foundation behind Liquid and Digitz. Anyone who currently practices or is interested in Finger or Fluid Styles such as Gloving, Digitz, Liquid, Waving, etc would benefit from this workshop. All ages and skill levels welcome.

Check out full information on our awesome Speakers, Panelists & Workshop Hosts!

*Topics of discussion, workshops and panelists subject to change… you never know who may drop in!