“Baltimore, where you at?”

Tuesday October 21st
The Get Down
701 S Bond St
Fells Point
9pm – 10pm

The US premiere of the film “Baltimore, where you at ?” by writer and director Tim Moreau

Synopsis :

Baltimore, Maryland, known for being one of the hardest city in the USA, is also the birth place of a hybrid music style between house music and hip-hop… the Baltimore club sound.

The film is a visual a touch and go between two worlds, that touches themselves; the one were people create a music scene, and the other were people, globally speaking, live in a city.

To the roots of the rhythm, and the life of those who spin it since two decades now.

The film is a visual and sound dive in the city of Baltimore, it’s urban landscapes, devastated by the crisis, its inhabitants that struggle, fight, create, live.

Meet the sound pulses of the Baltimore Club soundtrack, meet the creators, pioneers, trying to write this unknown history.

But also, along with those younger, or more distant, who have experience-the potential of this music : one night dancers, citizens, or musicians.

Finally, the film will be an attempt to understand, on the ruins of crises, in what and how music is a sublime way to look up farther and be proud.

In response to the hardness of the everyday life, the simple act of dancing, playing, singing, is a resistance.

Credits :

Title : “Baltimore, where you at ?”

Running Time : 50 minutes

Format : HD 16/9 – Colour-
Language : English and French. English subtitles.

Date: January 2014


Licence : CC 2.5

Director/Writer : Tim Moreau

DP : Tim Moreau

Sound : Thomas Dumont

Editing : Frederic Vermeersch

Graphics: Félix Godefroy

Mixing : Julien François & Nicolas Baubillier

ST : Vincent Griffaut

Production : Pictanovo, Films du Chat Brillant, Goupilsamba, Nayra.

With :

Jonny Blaze

Scottie B

Booman & Jimmy Jones

DJ Lady Mysterious

The Shake of Twins.

King Tutt

Contact :

Tim Moreau (director)

Followed by a dance party at 10pm with Club legends and some soon to be…

TT the Artist with Mighty Mark

DJ Angel Baby


DJ Class

Brick Bandits hosted by dj Tameil
Mike V, CEO
DJ Tim Dolla
DJ K-Duec3z
DJ Rah-L

Normaling ft Lemz & rar Kelly

King Tutt

Presented by:
Unruly ( Shawn Caesar and Scottie B)