Spinscott is a DJ, Producer, and lifelong Drummer who combines advanced mixing skills, original tracks, and real-time drum machine action to deliver unique performances at events.

Since 1995, he has been actively involved in the Jungle / Drum N’ Bass music scene and has been recognized for his ability to instinctively connect with crowds through improvised sets and expert track selection.

Spinscott has attracted worldwide attention through a successful series of videos that showcase freestyle jungle on the MPC 1000, which he also plays live on his weekly Jungle Plus Drums” radio show. He also has several commercial releases on the Dynamix Records label, a forthcoming 4 track EP, and various scheduled performances and projects planned for the remainder of 2013 and beyond.

Spinscott believes that creating, mixing, and listening to music should be a fun and accessible experience for everyone who is interested. In an industry full of excessive name dropping and self-proclaimed “superstars”, he feels that each artist should take pride in their efforts, and strive to achieve success by pushing their limits to create something that can stand on its own merit.

Dynamix Records, LLC
Drum Theory Digital
Junglist Brigade

Radio Show