Mike Gleaner

Mike Gleaner was born on March 3, 1988 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He grew up in Voorhees, NJ just over the bridge in Camden County.

He found his passion for music and sports very early in life. After his sophomore year of high school a knee injury forced him to stop playing football. Around this time he began to fine-tune his diverse taste in music. As he grew older he became fascinated by the relationship between a party’s vibe and the music selection. He began hosting parties at friends’ houses and sometimes even his own, when his parents were out of town.

He continued to spend most of his time around musicians, connecting them with one another, when appropriate. The satisfaction he gained from social networking, combined with the practical business knowledge imbued in him by his father shaped his dreams and goals.

In the fall of 2006, he enrolled at Towson University. Upon discovering that accounting courses were required to obtain a Sports Management degree, he quickly decided he would rather work in the music industry. He decided to pursue a Mass Communications degree with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Electronic Media and Film.

As school came to an end, Mike found himself deeply involved in the after hours aspect of the club scene in Baltimore. In late 2010, he started throwing house parties more regularly. On January 23, 2011, Mike and a few friends posted a Youtube video of one of their house parties and PeopleSources was founded. By late summer, his company found a home at Sonar, where they threw most of their parties until its closure in June of 2012.

Since then, PeopleSources has become a diverse company with the ability to throw parties in many types of venues with different vibes and policies, because of the lack of quality venues in the area. This unfortunate fact has been a blessing in disguise for a new company in a tumultuous environment. Be on the lookout for PeopleSources as they continue to strive for excellence in quality and service in an industry where such a thing is a rarity.

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