Connie Lingus

Just who is this sassy minx?

The sexy, nasty, classy, yet sometimes trashy Miss Connie Lingus (aka Denise MTX) is an up and coming Electronic Dance Music vocalist with a recognizable style. Track titles like “Nice N Wet” and “Lick Ur Tip”, coupled with highly suggestive lyrics and sexy tone easily define her name sake–the same name sake given to her by living House Music Legend, DJ Dan. Several industry players have called her “the next Mellefresh” after celebrating recent Beatport chart appearances for her tracks: Nice N Wet, Lick Ur Tip, KTHXBAI (w/ Starry Nyte) and Cheating Club Whore. Her most successful track to date “Nice N Wet” (a collaboration with LJ MTX) is featured on several Top-Selling Peak Hour Music compilations along side the likes of Deadmau5, DJ Dan, Lazy Rich, Wolfgang Gartner, Mellefresh and DJ Exodus.

Connie Lingus is considered to be a local celebrity in her hometown of Washington, D.C. As well as with having a filthy mouth she also has a blog which coincides with a podcast named Lipgloss Jungle and the City. Her blog and podcast focus on distributing information about local EDM events, supporting her favorite local artists, music producers, DJ’s, dancers and most importantly, her favorite subject, fashion! Along being a vocalist, blogger, podcaster and fashionista, you can usually see Connie tearing it up on the dance floor and posing for pictures with her friends and fans.

Keep an eye out for this rising star in 2012.

Music Labels that Connie is associated with are:
Phethouse Records
Peak Hour Music
Metronix Recordings