Chris Flack

Outgoing, energetic, and charismatic, Chris Flack has been involved in the production and promotion arena of the underground electronic music scene for over a decade.

Originally from New Jersey, Chris began working with a childhood friend the infamous, very talented, and always provocative CatDog towards bringing a better standard of event and higher quality of music production and presentation to the public in 2006 with the founding of Ghetto By Association, which predominantly started as a “net label” for producers to join together to gain exposure for their original compositions.

Once GBA began making a name for itself in the Northern New Jersey underground scene, the artists and promo crew began attending events in Philadelphia, most notably Tru Skool’s God’s Basement.

After expanding the roster to over 30 affiliated DJ’s and producers, the span stretched further outward, with GBA’s artists hailing from and playing events all over the East Coast.

In 2009 Chris moved to Maryland where he began attending events with fellow Tru Skool party alumni and social activist JG Vibes, founder of Good Vibes Promotions. Fast forward to the present, and Chris is now the production manager of Good Vibes Promo and is looking to assist JG in once again revitalizing the roots of the scene in Baltimore.