Bart Shiflett (B-Side)

Ivory Pen Entertainment
Marketing Director at Baltimore Soundstage

B-Side has a passion for music that began at the early age of birth with the absence of toys growing up his outlet for exploration and creativity came from listening to music and letting his imagination wonder. B would spend hours listening to Grand Ma’s vinyl and soaking in the sounds of his parents record collection which included R & B, Jazz, Soul and Funk. B-SIDE first began working in the music industry as a dancer and has worked with such names as Boys to Men and Kathy Sledge. He furthered his career in music as a manager and music director for several clubs in Philadelphia and New York:
Becoming a DJ was just the next step for Bart. He specializes in grooving to Hip Hop, Soul, Funk and House. A promoter, event planner, marketing director, DJ and a teacher of hip hop 101 at YMCA after school program, he stays on top of what is going on in the industry.