MIXOLOGY 2013 – The Re-Cap

I want to send out a massive thank you to everyone that was involved in MIXOLOGY this year!

The DJs that played, the panelists & workshop hosts that educated & informed, the sponsors & advertisers who supported our efforts, the promotion crews who collaborated with us, the venues who allowed us space, the vendors who graced our shows, the people behind the scenes that kept me sane & the people who came out to enjoy yourselves… I have so much love for you all & appreciation for you “getting it” with what this event is all about… the music!

The talent I have had the pleasure of having involved in this over the years is amazing! In addition to the international & local headliners, there are kids just starting out & those who’ve been playing for years but who most people have never heard of. Much of our line ups consist of those artists as the purpose of the event is to introduce new talent, cultivate musical minds and hopefully provide them with the fuel to move forward.

Several defining moments for me this year as I ask myself in my exhausted state of 5 days running why I keep doing this…

The talent… There wasn’t a room or a night that the music wasn’t on point all night & that the artists didn’t give it their all. I am humbled by their talent, their musical selections & their professionalism.

The dancers, and I mean the real dancers! The people who were sweating by the end of the night as the music had flowed thru them & taken them on a musical high better than any drug out there ever could. Seeing the frenzy of activity on the dance floors validated that music is all that’s really needed to lose yourself.

Being defined as a “curator” rather than a promoter… I just loved that term as I don’t really consider myself a promoter as much as an organizer.

Having 2 young gentleman come out of the open forum discussion on Saturday with their minds blown enough that they told me they had to go sit somewhere & digest all they’d just heard to re-evaluate where they wanted to go with their music as they now realized they hadn’t been going about it the right way & want to now as they were so inspired. The credit goes to the panelists & workshop hosts there & all I could think at that point was, Yes! This is what it’s all about… mission accomplished!

Again much thanks & love to all involved or attending over the last week & we’ll see you again next year!
Lisa Chaplin Suit Executive Director/Founder

In the mean time, please enjoy the following pictures taken during the event and check out the amazing artists we had play and the awesome speakers, panelists & workshop hosts we learned so much from!

Photos by Baltimore Alternative Media Network Group

Photo by Matt Graves

Photos by Lady Shah

Photos by InMotion Event Photography
Full Gallery available here

The following was posted by Civ Jones, one of our panelists for “The Sessions” and sums it all up perfectly!

“Over the weekend I set on panel called The Session for the 2013 Mixology event.

The teacher became the student that day and here are some of my notes I took. Sidenote: From this moment forward if I don’t start seeing some of your faces at these events I post about (especially the free ones) don’t you even dare send me another message/email about your damn music, don’t even fix your face to say something to me in person about anything going on with because YOU aint serious about sh*t! Now that that is out the way here are some points to get you on the right direction.

12 people need to wake up everyday in the city of Baltimore and say I want to be better than Kevin Lyles. Understand the value of HARD WORK. Having no money does not matter. How hard are you willing to work? Understand the craft of Bartering. What tangible skill do you have?

The Internet: If you don’t have 80, 000 Followers on twitter major labels want even look at you. When sending an email the first two lines should be grabbing and entertaining.
When promoting a project think: Mobile Marketing, Viral, Traditional and Social Pay for like s a BIG NO and it will ruin your career. The internet police are cracking down on fake followers on twitter and fake views on youtube. If they find out your support is fake they will shut you down!

The Music Your single should be remixed. Turn your songs in to dance music. There is a Global Market for dance tracks. Keep in mind that the music you make is just a calling card. There is just too much music out there. The market is saturated. That’s why it’s all about your brand.

What is a brand: Your Authentic Self Brand Packaging: Logo, Signage, Fonts, Merchandise, Social it should be seemliness and universal make it easy for people to find you. Information about Branding, Trade Marking etc…Legalzoom.com

Constantly Reinvent Yourself Be Personable. Don’t be afraid to share things about yourself, your real personality because people are going to find out anyways.”