TC Izlam – T Frequency

America’s original tri-state, young HipHop Pioneer/ B-boy Junglist DnB king. The 4th. Son of the Amenra of HipHop culture and the founder of The Universal Zulu Nation, Afrika Bambataa.

TC IZ the AMBASSADOR and one of the FATHERS of the HIPSTEP Jungle DnB style and movement, as well as the other half of America’s first family of Jungle.. JUNGLE SKY. (big-up brotha) DJ.SOULSLINGER. The voice of the super national Jungle DnB, HipStep weekly Konkrete Jungle (big-up brotha Mac).

This man is considered THE TRUTH of American Jungle DnB and the first american exclusive to the UK DnB circuit, as well as the first American UK recording artist in Jungle DnB/Breaks (2005 award winning album-Trickatecnology with Dj. Krafty Kutz & A Skills). TC IZ is the type of brotha that always strives to boldly go as far and deep as he can go, in order to be what he is to become. A HIPSTEPPIN WORLD LEADER! His life is a musical roller coaster that takes him around the world. He strives to uplift himself and those around him as much as he can. He is loved by those who understand why they are here, and hated by those that hate their life and need to leach off those who shine light. In other words people like hanging out with him. and if you met him, you would too. STRAIGHT BIZ!!! reppin the capitol of the world-NEW YORK CITY HIPHOP/ HIPSTEP DNB!

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