Slab Doogie, Stupid, and Dumb Dumb are just a few of the fun names commonly used by the lovable, huggable Porkchop! Starting in the radio game under the guidance of the late, great K-Swift, Porkchop began as Swift’s and Reg Reggie’s producer for their popular night show on 92Q. Moving his way up from producer, to board-op, to co-host of “Rap Attack,” Porkchop became a full-time fixture on 92Q when he joined the legendary “Big Phat Morning Show.” Porkchop is living proof that with patience and God and your side, anything can happen. Now you can hear “the voice of Baltimore,” along with his partner in crime Squirrel Wyde, on “OFF THE HOOK RADIO” from 6pm-10pm Monday thru Friday on 92Q! Plus, you can party with him in person at Club Choices with the live broadcast every Saturday night from 12a-3am. So, the next time you trip walking down the street, or eat too much chicken, you might hear your boy in the background calling you “STUPID!”

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