Mike Kearney

C-Level is the project of Mike Kearney, a multi instrumental producer based in Baltimore, MD. His characteristic original productions & remixes draw upon many years of multi-instrumental experience and involvement in the whole of the music making process.

C-Level originally started out early as an outlet for Mike’s Ambient and Shoegaze influenced instrumental compositions, and his penchant for mixing Acoustic and Electronic textures Graduating from a 4 track to Ableton Live, he began focusing his energy into producing smooth Drum & Bass tunes.

As a he DJ took to the tables in 2009, casually mixing on a college radio show; but after focusing on his passion for DnB, he took to the city to move both hearts and feet with a residency at the Midtown Lounge.

Eventually he found a natural pairing with fellow DnB DJ Render One and they now spin together as the duo Level-One. Attention soon grew and garnered him supporting gigs for the likes of DB + Dara, DBridge and Urban Assault. Keep your eye on C-Level as a key player in the Baltimore Drum & Bass scene!


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