Check out all that went on in 2011!

Monday – Oct 17th
9pm – 10pm – Chill Out Sessions – Club Orpheus
Adam T. Rush
Chris Bulla
DJ Fusion
Jay Gray
Cool DJ Willie

Tuesday Oct 18th
9pm – 2am – In The Pink – Club Orpheus
Mz. Behavin
Miz Astrid
Kelly Locklear Jacobs

Wednesday Oct 19th
9pm – 2am – Audio Lust – Club Orpheus
DJ Micro
Monsterz Under The Bed
The Octopus
Power Paff Kids

Thursday Oct 20th
9pm – 2am – Bmore In The Mix – MIXOLOGY DJ Competition Finals – Club Orpheus
DJ Pitch
Madam Bliss
Dez Kilo
Bmore Bill

Friday Oct 21st
5pm – 8pm – VIP Networking Reception – iBar – 2118 Maryland Ave

9pm – 2am – HoTT – Club A & S – Baltimore’s Speakeasy
Neal Conway
Jay Rags
Calvin Garner
Steve Kirn
Bmore Bill

9pm – 2am – Mashup Madness – E-Villa
DJ Who
Plan B
J Gray
DJ Techlove

9pm – 2am –SYNTHETIK – Club Orpheus

Saturday Oct 22nd
12pm – 11pm – BAMM – Outdoor Festival – 1310 Russell Street & surrounding area

1pm –6pm – “The Sessions” – Paradox

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A little sample of what went on during the day followed by the topics discussed and who was discussing them!

“The Sessions”
Saturday October 22nd, 2011
1pm – 6pm
(All Ages)

Meeting of the Minds
“Meeting of the Minds” will bring together veteran and new DJs and producers to discuss issues being discussed on message boards and in booths all over the country!
We’ll meet at the start of “The Sessions” to discuss the overall topics at hand then it’s on to breakout sessions for smaller groups to discuss and suggest possible solutions culminating at the end of the day to re-convene with “Mind over Matter” as everyone joins together again to share what’s been discussed, present ideas and suggestions and hopefully some viable solutions!

Panel Discussions – “The Sessions”
In the Mix: A Recipe for Remixing
What are the key ingredients of a successful remix deal? What about royalties? What should you charge? Get the answers from industry experts who’ve done it.
Neal Conway
Benny Stixx
Scottie B

Digital Distribution Delivered
The world of digital distribution is rapidly expanding — and with growth comes change. This panel touches on a broad gamut of topics that will help you effectively distribute your music in the digital age. Come discuss new technologies, inventory, legalities and rights in this not to miss panel.
Gary Deane Ahrens
Neal Conway
Funkregulata Celo

Frequencies – Exposure over the Airwaves
It’s not just AM/FM anymore. Come learn how to maximize your radio exposure – from internet to satellite to digital, this panel covers all the bases on getting heard over the airwaves.
DJ Scotty B
TC Izlam
Dj Patrick Scientific
Poet Taylor
Funk Regulator Celo
Dj Ronnie Don

Building the DJ Set
Techniques, track lists, tricks-of-the-trade and more. The best in the business share their knowledge and experience. DJs at any level — this is a panel not to be missed!
DJ Scotty B
TC Izlam
Neal Conway
Kendrick Tilghan
Funkregulator Celo
DJ Tempest

Everybody & His Brother Have Come Out of the Bedroom!
In a time where everyone thinks they’re a DJ, we’ll discuss the business of being a DJ.
Bookings, budgets, contracts & other topics from DJs, producers, artists, promoters, and A&Rs who will talk about how to stay current in the new age of technology as well as working alongside the new generation of talent. With a candid discussion of how to tell the real talent from the pretend & a Q&A session thrown in… Expect a lively session!
Neal Conway
Benny Stixx
Al Gator

Discover the tricks to managing your career. Agents, managers and artists answer your questions about building relationships, structuring agreements and choosing the right representation to make the most of your success.
Singleton Newman
Sonny Brown
Poet Taylor
Kendrick Tilghman

Girlz Rule!
Let’s hear it for & from the ladies behind the scenes, booth and board. Traditionally a male dominated field how is the role of women in music evolving? What are the challenges & how do you tackle them?
Trisha Benton
Heidi Klotzman
Jessica Mather
Singleton Newman
Poet Taylor
Nikka Watts
Civ Jones
Tay Tay

Social Awareness through Music
Music drives the world and unites us all. It’s infused in every culture and is behind every tradition. Leaders on the forefront of social awareness explain how the movement strives to help humanity and make a difference in the day-to-day lives of people in need.
Andy Rubin
Poet Taylor
Pamela Mitchell
Chip Watkins

Party Hosting 101 – Design, Planning & Promotion
Whether you’re throwing it or just the life of the party, it is always good to know how to organize a successful event. Learn how to coordinate your talent, how to advertise, market, decorate, budget your party and make money.
Bart Shiflett
We R SwaggSkool
Tay Tay

Trends in the Biz
Stay ahead of the game by learning about the newest trends and techniques being used to transform today’s music into tomorrow’s hits. Learn about the most cutting-edge production tools used to produce.
Adam Dutch Durham
Funk Regulata Celo
Kirk Lee

Is it live or is it…? Recording, Remixing & Editing
Interact with top producers, programmers, sound engineers, musicians, DJs and re-mixers as they discuss the possibilities and techniques for your music and what to do with it when it’s done!
Neal Conway
Gary Deane Ahrens
Kirk Lee
Mike Franklin

Social Media – Marketing & Selling Your Way to Fame
Learn the most effective means of marketing and selling your music- from Facebook, and Twitter to print advertising to PR methods to promotional comps, this panel will explore which methods will work best for you, your label or artists.
Vince Nelson
Nikka Watts
Civ Jones
Poet Taylor

Ableton –
William Hicks
Mike Kearney

Turntablist –
Funk Regulata Celo
DJ Tempest

Check out full information on our speakers & panelists!

Photos courtesy of M2Management

6pm – 9pm – VIP Networking Reception – Paradox – The Chamber

7pm – 11pm – Rumble at the Dox – 3 vs. 3 Break Dance Competition – Paradox – Front Room

Photos from the event

9pm – 2am – Tokyo Shock – Club Orpheus

11pm – 4am – Official Closing Party – Paradox
TC IZLAM & the Hip Step Tour
Scottie B
Terry Kilby
Terry Thompson
Alex Funk
DJ Infinity
MC Legacy
DJ Fleg
Scotty B
Chris Bulla
DJ Pitch
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