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The Who –
Event Producer & Collaborators

Baltimore Music Collective
The BMC is a dance music driven, community based organization, designed to serve as a forum for DJs and those within the industry and also for the fans of these artists as we seek to get dance music to the masses and help support our local artists.

Advocates of dance music, we work with MAEMAA (Mid Atlantic Electronic Music & Arts Alliance) to host events, workshops and networking events to unite the dance community and build a voice for the underground.

As a production and promotional collective we also work with several organizations and other promotional companies dedicated to bringing over the top events featuring the underground sound. The BMC produces and promotes both our own and other’s events while utilizing its resources to give back to the community through charitable programs, events and contributions in order to better serve the dance music community.

Working collectively with promoters, venues, DJs, musicians, agents and music lovers worldwide to bring great dance music, awesome parties and kick a** shows to Baltimore!

Starting in 2005 as the Baltimore Music Conference, and in 2010 collaborating with Morphius Records to produce the Baltimore Independent Music and Arts Festival (BiMA.fest), we began by producing an annual conference and festival event which included all genres of music from rock & roll to country as well as electronic and dance music.
Realizing though that sometimes less is more, in 2011 MIXOLOGY was launched as we decided to concentrate on our first love…
dance music with all its genres and sub-genres!

3D Productions
DC’s own Promotion Company specializing in bringing some of the Hottest Underground Electronic Dance Music the world has to offer to the Nation’s Capital. Featuring some of the world’s biggest names in Drum & Bass, Breaks and Dubstep

4GiveAll and Give events are licensed and permitted charitable events whose purpose is to create community connections from all walks of life to facilitate the means to heal.

Artists Compound
Artists Compound is a central location that strives to not only assist the individual artists but also the community as well through our desire for community outreach.

Bass Tribe Baltimore
Building the Baltimore and east coast bass community week in and week out.
If you like 808s, space-age sounds, and lasers….then welcome home.

Beatbox Media

Broken Beatz Underground

Dark Matter Squad
A collective group of artists spread across the country who are devoted towards prospering Electronic Music Dance Culture. We strive towards this goal through the use of our artists and staff in delivering quality events and our artists bookings in their respective talents.

Dark Matter is composed of dancers, DJ’s, promoters, designers, and other creative folks who all have a sincere love for Electronic Dance Music and Dancing in general.

Good Vibes Promotions
Good Vibes Promotions is an activist group that throws raves in order to provide a safe and accepting environment for like minded people to enjoy underground dance music.

The ideas that we are trying to spread through our website, our art, and our events are much bigger than our crew, and even the rave scene as a whole. We have a deep love for electronic dance music and rave culture, and since it is so close to our hearts it is the perfect medium through which we can call attention to greater social issues that effect us all, whether we realize it or not.

Groove Factory
Groove Factory is a Baltimore-based organization, helping to promote underground dance music culture.

Midnite Alliance
MIDNITE ALLIANCE is a collection of various cultures coming together in an effort to focus on alternative means of expression – in addition to music – using creative artistic outlets such as graffiti, alt-art, street art, as well as various cultures expressed on unique mediums; turnatablism, beat boxing, DJ battles, live shows highlighting different subcultures & sound, and other related forms of music; breakdancing and other types of expressive dance; urban apparel and sneaker/accessory design; vinyl creation; essentially everything related to the forward-motion scene we have all come to know and love. The list of expressive genres goes on and on, with many new and unique surprises currently in production that will emerge right before our guests’ eyes.

MIDNITE ALLIANCE wants to give the artists of each genre a platform to design, share and grow in a safe/ legal environment, as success of this project is dependent not only on the talented artists at the local level and headliners on the international level, but on providing global talent through partnerships with those we feel are best in their field. Each guest’s experience is of utmost importance to us – anything less than a high level of service for every guest is unacceptable – so we strive to involve our guests via continuous feedback and new ideas.

PeopleSources Promo
PeopleSources is not just a company but an idea. By bonding with each other and working together, PeopleSources seeks to connect the people with the party to maximize the full potential of music and other art forms.
By working together and forming unique bonds with our fans and other like-minded companies, we believe that any goal can be accomplished.

PRISM represents All Rays of Light. This is an Energy of Life, Art, Unity, Sharing, Love, Philosophy, Spirituality, Poetry, Healing, Inspiration, Peace, Family, Activism, Justice, Freedom, Music, and Community.

The Plan is to Bring People together. Different Cultures, Races, Economic Class’s, Religions, we all seek the same things. Love, Respect, Unity, Happiness, Freedom. To Throw Events that combine various Elements of The Vast Community and Communities in and around Baltimore and Beyond. To Raise awareness about issues within our world and ourselves with the Intention on Creating Social Change. And To Continue to Grow and Support all Area Crews of All Backgrounds that are working to make our Reality a more Harmonious, Truthful, Peaceful, and Healthy Place to Exist.

The Mission To Play our roles in this Universe and to Uplift Consciousness. And to help others find and do the same.

Promotional team dedicated to providing the best in Electronic Dance Music culture.

Throwing events that take you back to a time when everyone knew each other and nothing else mattered.

The UKG Social
Baltimore’s monthly source for UK Garage, 2-step, Future Bass, House and Grime music!

The What, Where & When – MIXOLOGY

October 20th – 25th, 2014
The Mid-Atlantic’s premier dance & electronic music event brings back a time where parties were about the music, the friends, “the scene” and a feeling of belonging. It was not to be seen or to see a superstar DJ… It was about the whole experience!
DJs, live performances, emerging and established artists, industry buzz sessions, workshops, demonstrations, new technology, networking, dance performances and art exhibits all brought together for a celebration of dance music and it’s creative culture!

“The Parties and The Music”
Artist showcases and parties feature old school & new school, multiple genres & sub-genres, established and those just starting out, all providing the best in electronic dance music!

Artists playing consist of:
Local & Regional – Up and Coming
Local & Regional – Established
National & International – Touring Acts

We welcome all genres of dance music, MC’s, vocalists and livetronica at MIXOLOGY. Past performers over the years have included upcoming artists as well as Wu Tang Clan, Tittsworth, Adam F, Terry Mullan, Bossman, Planet of the Drums, Dynamix II, LTJ Bukem, MC Conrad, DJ Icey, Future Rock, Micro, Charles Feelgood, Deiselboy, Illy Emcee, Bad Boy Bill, 12th Planet, Smash Gordon, Oh Snap!, Get Em Mamis, Scottie B, DJ Pope, Dave Nada, Mullyman, Frankie Bones, Sunshine Jones, RUN DMT, Bachelors of Science, Zoltar, and more!

The venues we select to host our parties are located in downtown Baltimore and are chosen because of their history rich in dance music and/or their commitment to the future of it!

Line Ups and Locations available here!

“The Sessions”
Our panels and workshops are designed to educate both the seasoned and those just starting out. We also welcome the “just curious”!
Here we’ll present new ideas, discuss industry issues, build new inroads for business development, connect people and have fun doing it!

Although informative and educational, we offer a relaxed atmosphere for our attendees with open forums and interactive workshops so they can be upfront and personal with some of the hottest taste makers in the biz!

Speakers and panelists include artists, producers, managers, record label executives, entertainment attorneys, media and PR moguls such as some of these past speakers… Fiona Bloom – The Bloom Effect, Martin Atkins – Invisible Records, David Andler – Morphius Records, Nokio – Dru Hill, Brian Mc Ternan – Salad Days Studios, Junior Goris – Team Pitbull, Corey Boddie – Boddie & Associates, Paul Gardner – The Gardner Law Group

Full list of topics and speakers available here

September 16th, 2014 show hosted by the Baltimore Music Collective, Depth Perception and Deep Sessions DC at The Get Down


Mixology Promo Trailer from 2013 from Modern Minstrel Services on Vimeo